iGenius Plush Doll

iGenius Plush Doll


Typical plush dolls have glasses that are simply embroidered around the eyes. But iGenius features a real pair of removable glasses with a metal frame and acrylic lenses.

iGenius is fitted with genuine denim blue jeans complete with white stitched accents.

A metal jean button completes the outfit and adds a touch of authenticity.

The black turtleneck is made from an elastic cotton blend designed to keep its shape while preventing wrinkles.

This plush doll was made to be displayed. That’s why its premium packaging doubles as a display case, ensuring iGenius is visible from the front and sides.

The average height of a plush toy is about nine inches, but iGenius stands at an impressive thirteen inches, which gives the doll a strong stage presence. Just like the man himself.

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This collectable plush doll was created in remembrance of a man who changed the world for the better. Someone who understood that complex technology could be simplified and utilized by millions to make their lives easier.

But he was more than just an inventor, he was a master showman. Surprising and delighting us with charismatic presentations of magical products.

And despite tremendous hardship, criticism, and success, he never lost the innovative edge that made his products truly great. Although his inventions may become obsolete over time, we will never forget the legacy of a man who embodied the word ‘genius.’

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